Membership Benefits:

  1. One free bottle of wine after signing up ($50 value).
  2. 15% off retail purchases (50% increase of your normal discount)*.
  3. Two free glasses of wine per month ($30 value).
  4. Two free tickets annually to The Vine Post wine events (maximum value of $130 annually).
  5. Monthly exclusive raffle for an exclusive bottle of wine ($100 value). Members must be present to participate in the raffle.
  6. Reduced corkage fee of $10 on all consumed wines (usually $15).
  7. Priority access, 24 hours in advance of the general sale, to all events and offers of rare/allocated wines.
  8. Exclusive monthly offers on specialty wines that are not in our current inventory.

Membership Pricing:

Annual: $425 per year ($175 savings compared to monthly membership)
Monthly: $50 per month ($600/annually).

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The membership is non-transferable and can only be used by the registered member.
  2. Annual memberships will be billed once at the time of sign-up and will be valid for 12 months.
  3. The free bottle after signing up will be provided on the member’s first visit after joining the program.
  4. The 15% discount on retail purchases will be automatically applied at the checkout for all eligible items. Does not include limited special order items. A fixed discount will already be applied on the item.
  5. Two free tickets to wine events will be provided to the member annually. The member must book the tickets in advance for the event he/she wishes to attend to ensure availability.
  6. The monthly exclusive raffle for a bottle of wine will take place on a designated day each month. Members must be physically present at The Vine Post during the raffle event to participate.
  7. The reduced corkage fee of $10 will be applied per consumed bottle of wine brought by the member to be enjoyed on-site.
  8. Priority access to events and rare/allocated wines will be communicated to the members via email or other available communication channels.
  9. Exclusive monthly wine offers will be sent to members via email or other available communication channels.

How to Sign Up:

Note: The details provided in this membership program are subject to change upon the end of the subscription length, and members will be informed of any updates or modifications before the time of renewal occurs.

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